Friday, January 18, 2008

The Lynx Effect

This is perhaps one of the best executed online and mobile campaign. Lynx, known as Axe in the U.S., has launched a "Get in there" digital campaign in the U.K. that uses branded mobile applications as a bridge from social networking and online dating to the real world of actually talking to females in person.

Lynx had created a bunch of "weapons of mass seduction" which include a "Fit Girl Finder" soundboard that can be used, for example, to play the sound of a car being unlocked while standing next to an expensive vehicle. Another converts a phone into an on-the-go Spin the Bottle device. A third is a soundboard that guys can transform into a harmonica or "body-piercing scanner."

The campaign was born out of a need to translate Lynx, which promises to attract girls with its scent, into a digital world where scent doesn't exist. Mobile is certainly versatile to create anything and i must say that Lynx and its agency had definitely created something unique thats worth the acknowledgement. Who says that scent cant be virtually spread?

Lynx's Agency worked with mobile application developer Golden Gekko on the development of the utilities. They can be downloaded at or by texting a short code. Lynx hopes for viral distribution by enabling users to send links to the application from phone to phone. In order to ensure at least 85 percent of the market could download the application, Lynx created up to five versions of each app to be compatible with handsets.

These applications are actually compelling and fun because I think they will work at least starting up a conversation with the girls. You should go download it and try it yourself. Good luck.

Check out the 4 video clips below to see how the Lynx guys do it and have it a good laugh and my favorite one would be the last clip. Wouldnt it be great if my mobile could help me find the right girl?

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