Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another extremely poor version of Chinglish in China

This has to be winner of the many chinese to english translation that I have seen anywhere in China for years. Not only the whole translated meaning is wrong, its entirely absurd and silly and carries no meaning whatsoever. What in the world is "Lives pull out the soy sauce?" The ingredient was supposed to be "soya sauce" and I reckon those guys at Dolar Shop (a successful hotpot chain of restaurants in Shanghai) must had picked up a dictionary and directly translated. So much of lives being pulled out from the soy sauce!!!

Its pretty amazing even till these days with Beijing Olympic just around the corner, Chinglish is still widely found all over the place. It can be all that difficult to get people with good English to have it properly translated. Its still good old China but believe me, its improving rapidly.

Fionne, thanks for having the shot taken and emailed to me. Keep the good stuff coming ok.

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