Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mini Printer from Polaroid

Picked this up from CNN, Polaroid just debuted their new tiny printer at the recent CES 2008 and guess what no ink required because they employ a thermal printing technology from startup Zink Imaging Inc.

You can see from the picture above that its tiny printer almost the size of a regular mobile phone and it will be retailed at about $150. Once connected to a phone or camera by Bluetooth wireless or the USB port, the printers need less than a minute to churn out 2-inch-by-3-inch pictures, which can be peeled off a backing and used as stickers. Sheets of paper for the device will cost about 40 cents each, less if bought in bulk.

I m not surprise that someday the printer will be integrated with the mobile phone. All you need to do is to snap a picture or open up a PDF file and out it comes into a hard copy from the mobile phone.

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