Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Japanese girls spend 2 hours a day on Mobile Internet

Browsing on the mobile internet has risen tremendously lately with better mobile phones and faster connection over the mobile network. According to a latest survey on youngsters and the information society, high school girls in Japan use Internet and text services for an average of two hours and four minutes a day. Thats similar time spent on internet users in China on a regular PCs or laptops.

High school boys follows them with an average use time of one hour and 32 minutes a day. Then come the middle school girls who accessed services for an average of one hour 19 minutes, and middle school boys for one hour 11 minutes.

But the numbers don't stop there. The poll has also found that 27.3% of primary school students, 53.4% of middle school students, and 95.2% of high school students had their own mobile phone.

These stats proves that the use of mobile internet will become common and popular with better user experience mobile devices as mobility is surely be the way driving the future of mobile internet. At some point in time, wired connectivity will be rendered obsolete as most connections will be unwired and thats the future we will be living in.

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