Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nokia N95 or iPhone??

Day to day, I’m not sure if I like my Nokia N95 or iPhone. It’s a tough battle between Apple and Symbian, as I love the touchscreen on my iPhone, but then I start missing the N95's T9, the Opera Mini and other better phone features.

I think for now the Nokia N95 has won, as it’s the only way I can get decent access to text messaging with capabilities like sms forwarding, sending multiple sms, mms, etc. Its a class above the iPhone when comes to text messaging. I m sure the iPhone will improve but for the meantime, the N95 is a clear winner in this area.

One other thing that i can do with my N95 thats hard on the iPhone, I can easily send out a sms with just one hand. On the iPhone, i need launch the QWERTY touch screen pad and tap with both hands. Its a real pain.

Another reason I love my Nokia N95 is the wide range of applications that can be installed. Just feast your eyes on 25 Must Have Applications For Your Nokia N95. I must admit that there are tons of softwares that you can download on a jailbroken iPhone but without the SDK released, there is little value that you can attach to it in comparison to those certified softwares for N95.

The iPhone may have greater user experience with its Safari browser but frankly i m pretty happy and satisfied with the Opera Mini which in many ways is like a mini Safari. The user experience of Opera Mini on the N95 is just great and i have little to complain about it other than when its not able to access the Opera Server.

And of course the N95 has a much superior built in camera with 5 MP in resolution and double up as a video cam too.

As of now, I think the Nokia N95 is a much better overall mobile device but dont count the iPhone out as the next version will definitely be much better than what its. We have to give it to Apple for the success of the iPhone afterall its their 1st attempt at producing a mobile device and to be able to start from where the iPhone is now, I think the real challenge is with the bigger manufactures like Nokia, Samsung, Moto, Sony Ericsson, etc whom I m sure recognised the commitment of Apple for any products that they developed.
Apple is in for the long haul and as consumers we are in for a real treat. I cant wait for the next generation of mobile devices from Apple but for now, I will stay loyal with my current N95, the flagship of Nokia Nseries.


Anonymous said...

"The user experience of Opera Mini on the N95 is just great and i have little to complain about it other than when its not able to access the Opera Server."

We've just recently upgraded our Opera Mini servers. With the upgrades we've greatly boosted the speed performance. We've been seeing an overall speed boost of around 70%.

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