Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Unlocked iPhone on sale in China for $1,000

iPhones smuggled into China are selling in Shanghai's electronics shops and online store even if the unlocked device lacks warranty and face connection problems.

The Shanghai Morning Post reported that a 4G iPhone sells for $771 while an 8G model sells for $1,037 in an electronics mall in Xujiahui area. Even though its much higher than the $600 debut price, the vendor claimed that seven to eight units are sold per week.

IPhones originally works only with SIM cards from AT&T in the U.S. However, unlocking service is locally available for $107 making the phone open to SIM cards from China's major mobile phone service providers-China Mobile and China Unicom.
Apple has yet to release iPhone anywhere outside the US and if you are living in China and have $1000 to spare, go check out the malls at Xujiahui. As for me, I m going to wait patiently for the the new iPhone that should come with 3g support.

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unlock iphone 3g said...

Are you sure that we can unlock the iPhone 2G?