Saturday, September 15, 2007

Motorola launches Solution Catalog Portal

Motorola has launched a consumer-centric site in beta to showcase the applications available on Moto handsets. The site is dubbed Comprehensive Solutions Catalog, and i shall hope that they have this site rebranded soon with a new name. The current site is certainly not going to give Motorola an edge over Nokia's Ovi new initiatives.

The site does not have an unified billing system or special download provisions, if people want to buy a product they click on a link which takes them to the developers site. The big benefit is users will be able to find out all new releases for each handset in one place.

Really nothing to shout about. Motorola really have to think harder how to improve their market positioning as their market share continues to slide and they are expected to lose their 3rd position to Sony Ericsson this quarter.

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