Monday, September 10, 2007

Five Marketing Secrets from Apple

Steve Chazin, a marketing executive with Apple, recently launched a blog called MarketingApple with the able assistance of David Meerman Scott, who himself is the author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR and a long-time member of the social media sphere.

In addition to his blog, Steve has written an ebook - styled in the cool and classic Apple look & feel that we've all come to expect - in which he outlines the five marketing secrets that have catapulted Apple to success.

Each one deserves to be read through in its entirety, but the summary is as follows:

- Don't Sell Products. People buy what other people have
- Never Be the First to Market. Make something good better
- Empower Early Adopters. Help your customers help you
- Make Your Message Memorable. Boil your idea down to its syrupy goodness
- Go One Step Further. Surprise and delight your customers
Source : The Social Media Marketing Blog by Scott Monty