Thursday, September 20, 2007

iPhone out in UK on November 9

The news is out, the iPhone will go on sale in the UK on November 9 through mobile operator O2, marking the FIRST time the combination cell phone-iPod will be available outside the US and I reckon more iPhones will be launching soon all over Europe afterall Steve Jobs has a 10 million target to catch by next year.

Consumers will pay 269 pounds ($536) for the 8Gb model, or about $139 more than what Apple charges in the US. The iPhone offered in Britain will have the same technical specifications as the US model, but the price includes the UK's value-added tax.

The most interesting point of the announcement is that all tariffs will include unlimited data, meaning O2 will finally be catching up with its peers to offer a flat rate, all you can eat, data plan.
There was no mention on the subject matter of revenue share though it is rumoured in some quarters that Apple will take a cut of between 20 - 40 per cent of all revenues generated on the device, both data and voice.

Of course, since its launch in the US, the iPhone has been successfully hacked and ported to other GSM networks, so switching operator is not an absolute necessity. Jobs said, "With these hackers it is a constant game of cat and mouse. We try to stay ahead. People will try to break in, and it's our job to stop them breaking in."

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