Thursday, September 6, 2007

iPhone is the Best Selling Smartphone in the US for July

According to iSuppli, the iPhone outsold all other smartphones in July:

Apple Inc.’s iPhone became the biggest-selling smart phone in the U.S. in July, according to iSuppli Corp. The iPhone accounted for 1.8% of all mobile handset sales to U.S. consumers that month — the first full month in which the iPhone was available. Apple’s device outsold the BlackBerry series, the entire Palm portfolio, and any individual Motorola, Nokia, Samsung or other smart phone model.

This is an endorsement of both the fashion/buzz value of the phone but more importantly the perceived usability of the device even vs. other other popular smartphones and most notably the Blackberry.

The iPhone represents a bid to recreate the desktop Internet in mobile, something that a fair number of people appear to want. It remains a minority device unless or until it’s untethered from AT&T, however. Yet, despite this minority status, it will continue to influence the design of competitors’ products and in that way have a continuing ripple effect on the broader market.

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