Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First 1 Million Love Song Downloaded in Japan

Mobile music's on the move in a very big way.A Japanese pop group made up of anonymous dental students has recorded the first song ever to rack up 1 million downloads to mobile phones over mobile networks.

According to the Sept. 3 issue of Business Week, the group, called GReeeeN, has a major hit with its song Aiuta (Love Song).

Of course, we are talking Japan, where mobile infrastructure had made it possible to download songs at ultra-fast speeds. In fact, according to Business Week, 90% of all music downloads travel over mobile networks - and takes about 15 to 20 seconds to download a song. Here in the China, by comparison, users have to hard wire their phone to their computers to do that. China is still at 2.5-2.75 G network. Its way too costly and too slow to download over GPRS.

Mobile Music is certainly a killer app for the operators worldwide and its a trend gradually being embraced by mobile operators worldwide.

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