Monday, September 3, 2007

Mobile Marketing: Top Tactics

The opportunities of the mobile channel are becoming clear to marketers of all kinds, thanks to the growth of mobile as a consumer technology. Unfortunately, mobile marketing is still new enough that there are no obvious rules of thumb to help marketers who jump into the channel for the first time.

Having experienced and executed many many mobile marketing campaigns, here are the top tactics for planning and executing a mobile marketing campaign :

1: Determine goal: audience reach or customer engagement
2: Match brands with the right audience
3: Mobile application differences
4: Match campaigns to available infrastructure and inventory
5: Capitalize on mobile's peer-to-peer communication abilities
6: Integrate mobile with online and offline marketing (IMPORTANT)
7: Allocate enough set-up time
8: Varying ad sizes for each phone
9: Don't do mobile just because you have to (MOST IMPORTANT)

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