Friday, June 1, 2007

UK Mobile Internet Market 1/5 The Size Of PC Internet Market

Comscore have just released stats on the state of the UK Mobile Internet market. In January 2007 5.7 million people used a mobile device to access the web. This compares to the 30 million million people who accessed the internet from a PC. Of the 5.7 million users, individuals under 35 accounted for 67% of the overall audience.

I really think that usage of the mobile internet is close to exploding, particularly as the ‘texting generation’ gets older and start earning and spending. Devices are also finally starting to deliver a rich experience.

In my recent blog about Mobile Internet user base in China, China has recorded about 39 million mobile internet users and this figure is more than 1/5 of the total of people accessing internet from the PC. China has a internet population of close to 130 million with 800,000 new users signing up every week.

The mobile internet user base in China and the rest of the world is growing at a scorching pace as more and more mobile users are discovering their mobile phones as an additional device to access information on the go.

It wont be too distant in the future where mobile internet user base in most countries will surpass the user base of people accessing internet from the PC.

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