Sunday, June 3, 2007

China's Answer to Internet Addiction

China has the world's second-largest online population after the United States with over 140 million and growing at a pace of 800,000 new users every week.

While China promotes internet use for business and education, internet cafes are eroding public morality. Chinese authorities regularly shut down the cafes, many illegally operated, in crackdowns that also include huge fines for their operators. State media in China has also highlighted cases of obsessed internet gamers, some of whom have flunked out of school, committed suicide or murder. Nonetheless, internet cafes continue to thrive, with outlets found in even the smallest and poorest of villages. Most are usually packed late into the night.

Internet addiction is a serious problem not only in China but most part of the world. China has taken the 1st step to develop its first officially licensed clinic for internet addiction. The government-owned clinic, which began taking patients in March, occupies the top floor of a two-story building on a quiet, tree-lined street on the sprawling campus of the Beijing Military Region Central Hospital in the heart of the Chinese capital.

Found this on Youtube, a clip from Sky TV. You will find this clip fascinating how the local authority is using military style method to help these internet addicted youngsters to combat their internet addiction.

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