Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The power of YouTube - Your new Broadcast Network

Forced off the air by President Hugo Chávez, an opposition-aligned Venezuelan TV channel has begun taking its news shows to the Web through the popular video-sharing site YouTube, reports the AP.

In one segment Thursday, announcer Isnardo Bravo pledged that RCTV will continue to keep people informed in defense of free speech. Chávez refused to renew the channel's license, accusing it of inciting a failed coup in 2002 and violating various broadcast laws. The decision has been condemned by several foreign governments, press-freedom groups and international organizations.

YouTube may be your regular Online Video site but beyond this, the power of YouTube coupled with social networking had given a whole new meaning of global broadcast. Not only can RCTV broadcast within Venezuela but it has the ability through YouTube to keep people from the world over informed. This will certainly provide signal to many broadcasters from around the globe to relook into their overall broadcasting strategies. How about building your own Broadcast Network??

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