Friday, February 8, 2008

Nokia runaway leader in China with Samsung overtaking Motorola

Samsung has passed Motorola as China’s second biggest mobile phone vendor, while Sony Ericsson’s market share halved over 2007, says research firm Analysys International.

Of the 39.96 million devices sold in the last quarter of 2007, Samsung shipped 13.2% and Motorola 11.7%. A year earlier, Motorola had 24.1% of the market and Samsung 9.0%, according to Analysys.

Sony Ericsson’s market share slipped from 7.4% in 2006 to 3.8% in Q4 2007. Nokia remains the runaway leader, 35.3% of the market, up from 33.6% a year earlier.

Total handset sales grew 18.9% from the previous year. Everybody is chipping away the market share of Motorola which had gone south since beginning of last year and their miseries are not entirely over as Motorola had indicated an intentiont to unload the money losing handset business globally. With close to $20 billion of sales from its handset business, Motorola is still bleeding profusely.

Everything has gone so wrong for Motorola and its sad to see the creator of the 1st mobile phone heading this path. Its almost impossible for them to return to its heydays. The problem isnt just about the platform and the delay in coming out with new models, its down to lack of direction and internal management issues and these are problems that are hard to solve. Its surely a brilliant case study for all of us to learn. If we cant get our internal act together, dont bother with achieving anything external.

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