Saturday, February 9, 2008

Monster NOKIA Made in China

This has to be monster clone Nokia i had seen in China. I was lucky to have stumbled onto this unit while having dinner with one of my local friend in China. It carries a replica logo of Nokia but on a closer inspection, NOKIA is being spelled as NCKIA. The "C" was designed in such a way that it looks almost like an "O".

The phone is priced under RMB 2,000 and carries alot of features including touch screen. It has 4 speakers that provided the monster music scream. Its extra large screen size provides a great way to watch mobile analog TV, another built in feature.

With the big brands having a huge market share in China, the local legal and illegal manufacturers have to think alot harder to sell its devices. Not an easy market as many are struggling to break even in this half a billion mobile market.

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