Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mobile browsing near perfection with SkyFire

Mobile users will be pleased to hear that they will soon be able to browse the web on a mobile device as they would on a PC. The SkyFire browser, tipped to be one of the best browser on mobile and I m sure it will change the whole mobile browsing experience once you watch the video clip below. It supports Flash video, Java and Quicktime, and features a manageable interface similar to the desktop browser we have all been familiar with and best of all, its been designed to cater for the small screen on our mobile phone.

You can watch online video on sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and Break or listen to music on, Rhapsody or Yahoo. You can also take your social networking up to the next level with Facebook and Myspace, and browse for all the latest weather, news, Google Maps and sports results. Its an amazing product and I cant wait to have the Symbian version on my mobile as its scheduled to be released this year. It will blow away all the existing mobile browsers including my favorite Opera Mini.

SkyFire is currently available for free beta download from for Windows Mobile OS devices.

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