Saturday, February 16, 2008

Intra-China Roaming Charges reduced more than 60%

Its been in discussion for a while now and MII had made May 1 2008 as the absolute deadline to be implemented by all the operators. Most operators will be implementing by 1st March. The usual rates of RMB 1.30-1.50 per minute will be reduced to RMB 0.60 for making the call and RMB 0.40 for receiving the call.

Its some progress but many had hoped that both call charges for intra-China roaming and receiving calls will be abolished. I m always of the opinion that callers should be paying for making the calls. Why are the Operators penalising the receiving end for calls that arent made by them. On top of that why even roaming in the 1st place? China is supposed to be one country and users are supposed to have access to their mobile regardless of where they are located in China.

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