Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is this the best Motorola can do?

No wonder Motorola is in so much mess, just take a look at the 2 models they launched at MWC 2008, Barcelona and you will agree that Motorola is just going nowhere. I wonder what had happened to their design team. Surely they must have some people working on better and well designed model than the 2 crappy looking models that they had just launched.
Just compare that we what their competitors have to offer, Motorola should seriously consider doing something drastic or just exit the device business. MWC is the world biggest mobile event and its sad to see such poor design coming from Motorola.

Sony Ericsson showcased their new Xperia X1.

Nokia hits the stage with N96 and N78.

LG debuts 3 new models - KF510, the KF600 and KF700.

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