Monday, February 11, 2008

Almost identical iPhone twin

The real iPhone HiPhone

Its the closest mirror image of iPhone that I had seen so far and of course its made none other than in China. At first glance, anybody would had thought that its a regular iPhone but on a closer inspection, you will be able to see that its an "almost" identical twin to iPhone. It carries the "HiPhone" name with the Apple logo embedded on the back on the phone. And best still, even the packaging looks almost identical.

It comes with quite a few extra features that you wont even find it on the iPhone. Of course the extra features arent going to bring the powerful "real" iPhone to the ground. Here are some of the extra features on HiPhone :
- Dual SIM slots that holds two SIM chips
- Full messaging capabilities including MMS
- MP3, MP4, file playing, recording, phone call recording
- Full Video capabilities
- TF card supported
- All the above for the price of $239 or RMB 1720 (a regular gray market iPhone in China is about RMB 4500)

Not bad for a clone and of course it comes "unlocked" (haha). I m not recommending it to you but it goes to show how far the Chinese manufacturers are prepared to go to reap off a good product in China. Not only will they do in record speed, they will reap it off and improve over the original product.

Photo 1 Photo 2

Photo 3

Can you figure out which of the 3 shots are genuine Apple product? Let me give you a clue, 2 of those are fakes.

Check out the clip below for a complete informercial of HiPhone. This was probably the only aspect where they failed to copy the iPhone, no tv commercial.

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Anonymous said...

how much is it in english money ??
i am really interested, unless ots like £200 if its under £110 then thats okay but i dont want it to be expensive.