Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another crappy iPhone clone from China

Discovered a new crappy iPhone clone while watching a TV informersial. Its a clear case of design and trademark infringement and guess what its all taking place on national TV. Its a sub-par quality knock-off iPhone clone and it was branded as My Phone.

It looks like an iPhone at first glance. It has a touchscreen but phone is noticeably thicker, has a iPhone look-alike User interface and comes with look-alike Apple logo on the back. In fact this little crappy device comes with a few additional features not available on the real iPhone.

You can shake the phone to pick up the call and it even comes with an add-on solar charger to recharge the phone battery in the event if you cant find any powerpoint. Guess what all this with a bluetooth headset thrown in for the price of $160 including shipping to your address within China. I wonder whats the real cost of the phone as I m sure it needs to be low enough to have a massive profit margin to cover the cost of advertising on national TV.

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