Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Top Mobile Sites

Source - Madhouse 2006, China

Above are latest data from M:Metrics and Madhouse on top mobile sites for US, UK and China. Except the US and China, 5 out of 10 top mobile sites in the UK are dominated by the mobile carriers/operators. While the US list more closely resembles the top www sites list. There are the very consistent top three, Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft (MSN) and only two carrier/operator sites in the US top ten list.

In China, the main carrier site's Monternet is the only carrier site thats occupying the list. The rest are predominantly cut down mobile version of their regular websites with Tencent's QQ taking the lead. Its an old data for 2006 and I reckon that QQ should be the top mobile site by now surpassing China Mobile's Monternet. Whats driving QQ mobile site is their QQ's Instant Messaging software, the same software that had made QQ the top website in China.

The only difference between China and the rest of the world is China has a far more developed mobile ecosystem. They are alot of content providers in China that focus strictly mobile, and you can see from the above graph that few of them are occupying the top slots namely,,, Lxyes and 3gpp. They exist mainly on mobile and sometimes it made me wonder whether is there a separate web? The real answer should be no, what do you think? Why should there be any difference between the sites you visit on your pc and mobile? Is it largely driven by what you can and you cant do on your pc or mobile?

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