Sunday, July 1, 2007

How Tough Is the iPhone?

PC World manhandles the new Apple phone to see how much abuse it can take.

It would be a shame--after waiting hours in line and spending $500 to $600 on an iPhone--to lose it to a minor mishap. To see how well Apple's phone can stand up to abuse, we stressed it with increasingly rigorous scratch and drop tests, which we informally conducted in the PC World kitchen, hallway, and back alley.

To see how it did, check out our video.

Scratch Tests
First, to simulate how it held up when in a pocket or purse with house and car keys, we stuffed the iPhone into a plastic bag along with several key chains. We then gave the bag a few good shakes to see if the activity would scratch the iPhone's screen. It didn't.
Then we rubbed keys against the screen with a fair amount of force, as might happen if the phone was in your jeans pocket and you leaned against a counter. When the iPhone emerged with its screen just as pristine as when it went in, we then attempted to gouge the screen with one of the keys. We were very impressed that even this deliberate attempt to scratch the screen completely failed.

Drop Tests
Next, we conducted three drop tests, increasing the severity with each round. In all cases we conducted the test several times.

First, we released it from waist height onto a carpeted floor. Then we let it fall from chest height onto a hard linoleum floor. Lastly, we let it slip from our fingers and bounce onto a concrete sidewalk from head height--as if we had been talking on the phone.

The iPhone not only continue to work after each drop test, impressively it still looked good as well. The only obvious damage suffered was a few gouges along its metal edge from the concrete drops. But it came out without a scratch on its glass screen, despite our best efforts to mar it in repeated tests of both types.

PC World's Conclusion: There's no need to coddle this sexy little device.

Pretty awesome and impressive results especially the touchscreen is made of glass. Apple had certainly thought about this from the very beginning afterall they are the same people who had given us the highly durable and reliable iPod.

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