Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Burj Dubai Becomes the World’s Tallest Building

At 512m (1,680ft) and 141 floors the Burj Dubai, which is still under construction, is now taller than Taiwan’s 508m (1,667ft) Taipei 101 (check out the comparison below). The final height of the Burj is a closely guarded secret with speculation that it will top off at the 800 meter mark (2,625 ft).
When completed, the skyscraper will feature more than 160 floors, 56 elevators, luxury apartments, boutiques, swimming pools, spas, exclusive corporate suites, Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani's first hotel, and a 124th floor observation platform. The $1 billion skyscraper is in the heart of downtown Dubai, a 500-acre development area worth $20 billion. Construction, which began just 1,276 days ago, has been frenzied — at times, one storey rises every three days.

Burj Dubai is certainly setting a new world tallest standard at over 800m. Its going to take a while before some egoistic nation decides to build something taller. Someday we will be able to open our window and touch the cloud with our bare hands.

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