Tuesday, July 31, 2007

90% of Apple iPhone Buyers Extremely Satisfied

The iPhone is probably the most hyped phone ever. But does it live up to the hype? Well, according to a survey of 200 iPhone customers it certainly does. An amazing 90% of the 200 owners were overwhelmingly happy with their iPhone, and 85% would recommend the phone. This is surprising when you consider this is a first generation device and has already been shown to be a bit imperfect in some way.

Apple still faces challenges. The high cost of the two iPhone models — $499 and $599 — ranks as the No. 1 reason consumers interested in the device did not buy one, the survey says. Those consumers said they would pay an average of, at most, $180. I m not surprise if Apple were to come out with a cut down iPhone version to make it affordable afterall even iPod has a range to fulfil the different market segment.

Even though the owners were happy with their new iPhone they certainly didn’t think it was perfect. Top of their wish list was a longer battery life, faster Internet speed and more internal memory.
Some other interesting stats from the survey were:
- 30% of iPhone owners were first time Apple customers.
- 40% said iPhone is their first iPod

So what next? Well there are rumours that the 2nd generation of iPhone will be out in September, but more about that in my future iPhone post.

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