Thursday, July 5, 2007

iPhone vs Nokia N95

Nokia's Bill Plummer Talks iPhone on CNBC.

We've known the Nokia N95 to be the "iPhone Killer" for quite some time now. Whether iPhone fanatics want to believe it or not as I had also previously blogged it before.

Nokia's N95 which was announced in September of 2006 has all the features and then some of what the iPhone will offer, BUT, Nokia has honestly covered the market on it 1st. Even though they haven't put out the marketing and advertising hoopla that Apple is known for, Nokia fans and consumers are well aware of the N95.

Bill Plummer, Nokia's VP in charge of Multimedia North America, sat down with Becky Quick of CNBC to share the details of what the N95 is all about. Click here for the Video Link.
The panel at CNBC was trying really hard to get Bill to make disparaging remarks on the iPhone and I must say that Bill handled it well and believe it or not, through out the interview, Bill didnt even mention iPhone. Its all in the name of good PR afterall it can be foolish to make such disparaging statement and having to swallow it back later like what Steve Balmer has to say about iPhone months ago.
Personally i m a big fan of both Apple and Nokia. They are great companies and had developed revolutionary products but for this round, I must give it to Apple. Apple may had got into the mobile play late but I must admit they surely know how to develop great products with great user experience like the iPod and now the iPhone. I wonder why has it taken such a long time for the other giant mobile phone manufacturers to do what Apple had done with the iPhone. Apple had certainly set a new standard in the design of mobile phones and this is going to be exciting for consumers as we are all going to be the beneficiaries of better mobile phones to come in the future.

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Anonymous said...

There is no competition with these two phones.

I Phone V Nokia N95

The internet generally rates the N95 miles better.

I can plug my N95 into a TV and watch videos.
I can also record video with the same quality of a camcorder.
The phone has radio, 2 Cameras, Sat Nav and more

The N95 has a flash, has autofocus, has exposure compensation, flash
compensation, shooting modes (macro, portrait, landscape, sports, etc),
has white balance, has sharpness control, and a self timer... the iPhone
camera has almost none of these.

The N95 can shoot video at vga 30fps - the iPhone has NO video recording
and MMS. The N95 can EDIT its photos and video on the phone itself - the
iPhone has what?

Sure the iPhone can browse album covers.
Is that actually a useful feature?

No fm radio
No voice recording
No 3g
No movie recording
Only two mega pixel camera
Only can Download software from Apples website
Few Games.
Cannot use music as a ring tone
No TV Out
If the battery dies you have to send the phone back to manufacturer.

Looks Good
Fantastic touch screen -

I'll buy one if 3 years once they sort out the technology