Sunday, July 1, 2007

iPhone - interesting crappy facts

iPhone isnt great after all and here are the reasons :

1. Bluetooth is ONLY good for connecting a headset. That's it.

2. There is no file browser on the device at all. Data must be organized (if at all) in the appropriate application.

3. The camera is a simple application that has ONE button: the shutter. Pictures come out okay on the device, but nothing too fancy on a monitor, especially if it was an attempt at a macro shot.

4. SIM card is damn near impossible to open, if at all. I didn't look into it extensively.

5. Web browser is slow, even over WLAN. Even the simple OneList web app that was created takes around 20 seconds to load over WLAN. You can not highlight, cut, copy, or paste and text from a website, and you can not save any images you find from a website either. The only nice thing about it is the tabbed browsing, which crashed on me when I went to Engadget and YouTube on two tabs. This is the only application that allows you to use the keyboard in landscape mode.

6. The keyboard sucks. It gets slightly better after the iPhone "learns" you, as the employees said, but even then, it's not a device you can use with one hand comfortably, much less without looking.

7. You can only send one picture at a time in an email.

8. No custom ringtones (yet, as we were being told) and the alert tones can not be changed whatsoever.

9. The default ringtones are incredibly lame.

10. The only form of customization outside of a lame default ringtone is the wallpaper, which you'll only see when you need to unlock the device or when you get a phone call.

11. "Picture pinching" or using two fingers to zoom on any content is certainly fun to play with, but not practical whatsoever. This operation depends solely on using the device with two hands.

12. No document editor or native viewer. You can not store documents on the device to be viewed, they can only be viewed as attachments when they're sent to your in an email.

13. Visual voicemail is laggy and reacts about the same way as pushing the fast forward and rewind buttons on traditional voicemail systems. The only advantage is for those that get that many voicemail messages a day that they need to sort them according to priority.

14. NO games. None.

15. No voice dialing.

16. No speed dialing (which can be made up by the "quick list", but getting to that quick list isn't as fast as holding a single key on a real keypad).

17. No video recording, not even a low quality one. You can only take pictures with the 2 megapixel camera, but not video recording.

18. No MMS. It is really crazy, even an old Nokia model supports MMS - but not for the iPhone that claims to be a revolutionary phone.

19. The mobile version of OS X or whatever it is the iPhone runs takes up 700MB of the device's capacity.
20. There’s no way to cut, copy, or paste text! Even my old Nokia 6600 can do this. iPhone is supposed to be state of the art smart phone.

I agree 100% based on the above reviews but Apple, as they always do, will probably learn from their mistakes with this 1st generation iPhone and will definitely make a much better version for the future.

Let me know if i had missed out anything?


Nia here! said...

Excellent, candid review, and the "tongue in cheek" one liner at the end was the clincher. Happy belated birthday to that fast growing son of yours. :)

Anonymous said...

Something to add?
No removable battery, no way to extend memory, no 3G etc etc etc

Jos said...

Something to add? What if you don't like iTunes, iTunes, iTunes...?

Anonymous said...

I think the iPhone is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

They left so much obvious and logical stuff out; I wouldn't be surprised if you wouldn't be able to call with it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is bullshit. You can do most of this already dumbasses

Alvin Foo said...

I m aware of it, this post was done in 2007.