Friday, July 6, 2007

APPLE Stock Hitting an All time high

After a 30-percent overall increase in the months leading up to the iPhone release, Apple’s stock has continued to climb since last Friday. They’ve now hit their all-time high stock price, trading for as much as $132.97 on Nasdaq. Apple Intraday Chart (5th July 2007)

Tuesday Apple’s stock was $122, Wednesday the markets were closed, and Thursday the stock’s up to $132. Incredible. Lets not forget that 52 weeks ago, Apple was only trading at a mere US$50. Investors certainly have a lot of faith in Apple and Steve Jobs and team at Apple deserves all the credits with the current performance of Apple and I expect the stock price of Apple will continue to skyrocket in view that iPhone has yet to widen its iPhone's U.S. distribution to electronics retailers, including Best Buy and markets outside the US.

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