Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Toyoto Prius's iPhone Campaign

Toyota has released The Prius Experience App, a free iPhone app that uses the unique features of the iPhone to engage with individual consumers, and also connects the consumer to a large billboard display in New York’s Times Square.

The Prius Experience App gives the user a choice of 4 activities: Tour, Interact, Draw, and Play.

The Tour gives a really interesting way to view the interior of the car. By just tilting the iPhone, it changes the view. The app uses the accelerometer to adjust what section of the 3-D interior image you see. So as you tilt back, the view goes up, as you tilt to the right, the view pans right, etc.

It is sort of hard to explain, so here is a video.

The iPhone app also provides closely integrated links to the Prius mobile website at

The site provides full information and prices about the Prius models, plus gives you 3D views of each model in selectable colors.

But the nicest feature - and one that takes advantage of today’s handset quality and network speeds - is a series of short videos that explain various special features of the Prius. These include the solar powered roof, hybrid power modes, parking assistance, etc.

Here is the video for the solar powered roof, showing how you can use energy from sunlight to keep your car cool while it is parked.

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