Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The World’s Toughest Mobile Phone

The "world's toughest phone" will take on Europe, starting with Stockholm. The new military-spec, Bluetooth, and push-to-talk GSM Sonim XP1 is engineered for outdoor sports enthusiasts and those who work in harsh environments, certified to withstand shock, water, wind, dust, dirt, and extreme temperatures, the U.S.-based mobile Sonim Technologies announced. And not that you'll need it, but there's also a three-year, unconditional warranty.

Well, the company is so confident that it’s invited bloggers and journalists across Europe to ‘torture-test’ the ‘indestructible’ mobile phone and publicize the results on its campaign blog. Check out the video below and you will agree that this is not your ordinary mobile phone.


Charles Edward Frith said...

About time someone took the rugged proposition to the extreme. Interesting find.

Anonymous said...

I want to buy my husband a new phone. Is this a copy JCB ? I need to get my builder husband a new phone... he uses a brilliant nokia rubber phone at present (very old but bounces like mad) but it is a little long in the tooth.... I watched a program recently with a JCB ( came of worst)and another I can't remember it's name samsong ? it won hands down over the JCB can you help what was it ???