Sunday, December 30, 2007

Apple Shares at US$200 a piece

Apple is now the third most valuable technology company, right behind Microsoft and Google. Its market capitalization is now around $174 billion having hit $200 briefly this week and in fact opened above $200 on Friday before closing at just under $200 for the week. This is some $100 billion more than last year. $100 billion increase in under 1 year is remarkable taking into consideration that 10 years ago, Apple was on the verge of going bust and thanks to Steve Jobs, the world now has access to great Macs, iPods and now iPhones.

Apple is definitely on a roll. Michael Dell actually commented during the Apple's turbulence years that Apple should liquidate all his assets and return whatever thats left on the table back to all the investors and shareholders. I m sure this comment must had been hard to swallow for Michael now that Apple has a market cap 3 times larger than Dell Computers.

2008 will surely be another exciting year for Apple as I m sure Steve Jobs and team must had prepared themselves for another exciting year and I m looking forward to MacWorld in Jan as Apple had just confirmed that they will be announcing a new Apple laptop. Viva Apple.

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