Thursday, December 13, 2007

High Tech Alibaba relies low tech door-to-door sales channels

Great SF Chronicle article about Alibaba, the largest internet company in China, best known for their web service that connects manufacturers from China with customers around the world.

Do you know how they get manufacturers in middle-of-nowhere China aboard and online?
"Beneath its high-tech sheen, the success of relies on the old-fashioned shoe leather method of door-to-door salesmen. The company employs an army of foot soldiers stationed throughout China and other parts of the globe who call on local businesses and teach their owners how to upload product photos, manage customer inquiries and maintain their online presence.

Because labor in China is cheap, can afford to deploy a field sales staff of about 1,900 people to recruit new factories to join the Internet revolution." Maybe its old-fashioned and low tech but it works in China. The recipe to China isnt just about high technology, its the local understanding of the market and being able to be there at the right time to seize the opportunity like Alibaba.

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