Monday, December 17, 2007

New Improved iPhone AKA made in China

Not only that it looks like an iPhone, it even carries their tagline "think different" all over the tv commercial. Except that it comes with an improved "shaking" feature, the rest are pretty much copying the iPhone which the Chinese are really good at. I wonder why the local authorities in China are not taking any actions with such rampant infringement of intellectual property rights on mainstream tv broadcast channel considering these spots were broadcasted by state owned television company. Surely Apple would have a right to sue them or Apple is just too happy that they are providing Apple with free iPhone advertising.

Check out the video below to see what kind of tech you are getting for RMB 1990 (US$270), and check out the shaking feature to answer the call. It may seem to be a more advanced and cheaper knock-off but I m still going to stick with the original Apple iPhone.

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Charles Edward Frith said...

That is awesome. I just blogged about it over at mine. Its worth checking out the link to Chris Anderson's speech on free and abundance at Nokia World 2007 on the subject of almost free technology.