Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Juniper projects Mobile ad market to reach $6b by 2014

Mobile advertising spending will swell to nearly $6 billion by 2014 from just $1.4 billion this year, according to projections from Juniper Research.

Mobile web advertising alone is projected to grow fourfold to a $2 billion market over the same period, the New York Times said.

The growth will be generated by a surge in mobile internet usage, and an accompanying increase in consumer adoption of mobile internet services.

Juniper expects much of the growth to come from emerging markets such as China and India, where fixed-line connectivity remains low. For example, mobile accounted for nearly 90% of all internet users in India in 2008.

But figures from IDC indicate that the mobile market remains a tiny part of the total online advertising world – which generated $13.9 billion in advertising revenue in Q2 alone, the Times added.

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