Monday, July 28, 2008

Its that simple idea from your backyard That Made It BIG!

I was discussing with my buddy yesterday about a research web 2.0 project and through out the discussion a simple idea that we started talking about became more and more complex as the dicussion continues. I had to prompt him a few times to keep it simple as the majority of the internet users are simple people and its the simple user experience that will be the winning recipe at the end of the day.
In my previous startup, i had kept to simplicity from the business plan to executing it. It was a simple idea that i had managed to sell to my angels, my team, and of course the guys who paid me for the services rendered. My idea was not created by a troop of people, it was created by myself in my room using an old PC that was connected to a 9.6K modem. That was all i had afterall i was just in my mid 20s then graduated from University not too long ago.....and it was the beginning of the internet revolution.

In fact ideas can be created anywhere. Your laptop is your shop. You store your inventory in your dorm room. You cooked up your idea in your backyard. Or the basement.
Microsoft, Apple, Netscape and even FedEx were conceived by people who were pretty much at that age.

Pursuing business is now than it was before. Blame it on the internet! Young people like yourself can start a business with your own savings or by borrowing from your parents and relatives. Resources online give you access to information about setting up your own enterprise; they link you to other entrepreneurs who can teach you, or who can expand your business through partnerships.

Facebook thats worth billions are started by college students and there are many more great startups that are initiated by young people. Keep the ideas simple and dont be bothered if you had to start from your garage or backyard. You never know that your idea would eventually morph into another phenomena like Apple, Microsoft or Google. Keep your eyes open and look out for that winning ideas.

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