Saturday, August 11, 2007

Top Ten Most Popular Olympic Sponsor's Released

The Paris-based survey company, Ipsos Group, released the top 10 Olympic Sponsors.
Chinese people were asked which company they think is the most popular Olympic sponsor for the Beijing 2008 games.

1. Coca-Cola - 22.1%
2. Lenovo = 21.5%
3. Haier - 21.4%
4. Yili
5. China Mobile
6. Bank of China
7. Tsingtao Beer
8. Mendniu
9. Li Ning
10. Sohu

Surprisingly and interestingly, Mengniu, (dairy company) and Li Ning (a sports clothing company) are NOT sponsors at all and Adidas who is a sponsor only ranked 17th.

When the Games logo appears on a product, purchases have grown by 13.65%. Tsingtao Beer for example has seen sales climb 21.6%. The two non-sponsors saw their sales climb 13.21%. No wonder sponsorship is big business in China and it does make a huge difference.

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