Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nokia is No. 1, Motorola slipped to No. 3

Nokia is No 1 with Motorola slipping to third place in the handset manufacturer world rankings during Q2 2007 and, according to PMN’s Handset Industry Insight service and it risks falling to fourth in Q3. Samsung has already surpassed Motorola as the world’s second largest manufacturer by unit shipments, moving 37.4m handsets in Q207, up 48.4% on the same period last year. In contrast, Motorola recorded a 31.6% decline YoY (year-on-year) to 35.5m units.
Now Sony Ericsson is rapidly gaining on the beleaguered US manufacturer, posting a 58.6% YoY jump in handset numbers to 24.9m in Q207. Definitely more bad news for Motorola who pioneered mobile handset.

They had recently launched Razr 2 in the US and I m not too sure that this will help to regain their No.2 ranking as Samsung and Sony Ericsson are surging ahead with better handsets.

Nokia was the primary beneficiary of Motorola’s market share implosion, recording a 12.9% your-on-year (YOY) increase in unit shipments during Q207, compared with a 2.8% YoY increase in Q107. The Finnish manufacturer’s device volumes reached 100.8m in Q207, only the second time in its history it has surpassed the psychologically significant 100m mark (the seasonally strong Q406 period was the only other time this was achieved). Nokia shipped more handsets in Q207 than all 3 of its closest competitors combined.

Well done Nokia and I look forward to see how Nokia will reposition itself next year with a whole new organization and how it take on the high end market with the entry of Apple's iPhone.

This an extract from PMN’s Handset Industry Insight service, a premium subscription product tracking the quarterly performance of the four largest handset manufacturers (Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson) in several areas, including revenues, profits, margins, average selling price, market share and unit shipments. It is published 4 times a year and is available direct from PMN as a premium digital subscription product, priced at GBP 795 per year or GBP 395 to purchase a single issue. (+ VAT @ 17.5% where applicable). You can order on-line here.

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