Sunday, August 5, 2007

Inspiring and Impressive 14 years old Daniel Brusilovsky

I have just watched this video interview that was done by Robert Scoble and i had to blog this inspiring and impressive 14 years old Daniel Brusilovsky. At such young age, he has demonstrated extensive technology and internet knowledge which most adults wont even understand what Daniel is talking about. Daniel had used whatever little resources and had turned himself into a Apple's evangelist and spent a great deal of time delivering Apple-focused podcast at AppleUniverse. Who said that we needed all the computing power and the best in class of PCs and network to be smart and knowledgeable, Daniel had certainly proven that all you need are lots of initiatives and passion.

Keep up the good work Daniel and you had certainly inspired me. Its a MUST WATCH video clip for everybody.


Daniel Brusilovsky said...

Thank you so much Alvin for mentioning me! Instead of the money that people were donating to buy me an Apple computer, I will be donating that money to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. If you wish to donate, pleas e follow this link:


Daniel Brusilovsky said...

BTW, Apple Universe is two words. Just to let you know!