Friday, June 11, 2010

How do you generate tons of buzz with $0 ad dollars?

The answer is with social media. The Pilpel ‘30 Girls 1 Villa’ case study is a fantastic example of companies and brands taking advantage of social media on a large scale.

Pilpel is Israel’s leading swimsuit brand. To launch its new collection and create buzz, it gave 30 girls each a bathing suit and a laptop, and moved them into a lavish villa for three days. All the girls had to do was constantly update their Facebook accounts, telling their friends how much fun they were having and posting info about Pilpel. With record breaking amounts of photo views and page impressions, the Pilpel ‘30 Girls 1 Villa’ case study is a great example successful marketing using social media.

Your overall marketing strategy should give due consideration to the power of social media. You may end up spending less and yet receive responses without your expectations.

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