Monday, March 29, 2010

Mobile Phone eating up everybody

Study shows that phone is eating fixed lines, MP3 players, cameras and calculators. Phone comparison website Rightmobilephone interviewed 1,054 mobile phone owners. It found 68 per cent of the respondents owned an MP3 player of some description, but of those, over half said they now used their mobile phone more for personal audio.

42% of the respondents did not own a digital camera and when Rightmobilephone asked them why, 79% said it was down to the fact they could use the camera on their mobile to take pictures. 2 in 3 said that the minimum standard of integrated camera they look for would be 5 megapixels or more.

91 per cent said they don’t own a traditional calculator, with four in five explaining it was because they used the calculator on their phone instead.

While 64 per cent had a landline, 92 per cent said they were more likely to use their mobile to make calls.

One in five of the respondents said that they only had a fixed line because it came with their entertainment bundle.

Only 13 per cent own a calendar, but over two thirds, 67 per cent, said they used their mobile handset to log important dates and appointments.

Finally, 1 in 4 people said they regularly use a map application on their mobile, such as Google maps, to navigate or find their way.

I m sure many of you are no longer carrying multiple devices and most of you are doubling your phones as camera, video cam, MP3 player, video player, calculator, internet browsing, etc. And one thing for certain, mobile phone is going to continue to eat up many other devices in the nearest future.


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