Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple whips out the Magical iPad

It’s finally out! The long-awaited Apple tablet has been unveiled today, and it looks like a giant iTouch or iPhone.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs on Wednesday unveiled the iPad, the widely and wildly anticipated tablet-style computer that he called "a truly magical and revolutionary product."

"What this device does is extraordinary," Jobs said. "It is the best browsing experience you've ever had. ... It's unbelievably great ... way better than a laptop. Way better than a smartphone."

iPad features:

A 9.7-inch multitouch screen (resolution: 1024 x 768)
A 1 GHz A4 Apple-made processor
Wi-Fi / 3G connectivity
Bluetooth 2.1
A Mic
Battery Life: 10 hours of constant use, 1 month in standby mode
iPad Pricing:

16 GB + WIFI: $499
32 GB + WIFI: $599
64 GB + WIFI: $699
16 GB + WIFI + 3G: $629
32 GB + WIFI + 3G: $729
64 GB + WIFI + 3G: $829

Having 3G mobile access will cost an extra $130 on each. Two mobile plans will be available through AT&T, and there will be no contracts, allowing customers to opt out at any time, according to Jobs. They are scheduled to begin shipping in 60 days!

More images of iPad below :

Video clip of Jobs launching iPad below :

So, will you guys rush to the nearest Apple store when the iPad comes out, or will you wait for the second generation of the device to be released before making the decision of purchasing one or not?

Below is the first official video of the new Apple iPad Tablet.

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