Thursday, April 21, 2011

iPhone makes up 50% of Apple's revenue

Its a crazy quarter for Apple almost doubling its profit to $6 billion thanks to 3 main drivers, iPhone, MacBooks and China. The iPhone now makes up half of Apple’s revenues, or $12.3 billion in the quarter. Sales grew 126 percent in dollar terms, with unit sales up 113 percent. Its amazing taking into account this revenue was non existent 4 years ago and all this was created through just 1 device is simply astounding.

Greater China's sales which makes up of P.R. China, Hong Kong and Taiwan grew 250%, very soon the Asia Pac region will rank the 2nd largest market for Apple.

iPad sales were below the 6 million expectation coming in at 4.69 million presumably due to short of supply and possibly many buyers were waiting for the launch of iPad 2. The following quarter should reflect a much higher iPad sales thanks to the launch of the new iPad 2.

The current stock price for Apple seems so appetizing even though it has gone up so much in comparison to 2 years ago.

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prasad said...

Apple is a world class Ipod creater i know Apples ipods, and other mobiles have a great features so obviously anyone can say Apple can create this great record with this record if Apple decrease its price on mobiles and ipods and other accessories then another record will also get with a remarkable sales.