Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Facebook Video Cam to The Fitting Room

With over 400 million active users, Facebook has become a prime spot for brands to advertise and promote themselves. Over 1.4 million local businesses have a presence on Facebook, reaching out to consumers through pages, events and applications.

Diesel Spain is taking social marketing to the next level, taking Facebook off the Web and putting it in their dressing rooms by introducing Diesel Cam, an interactive installation that allows shoppers to photograph themselves and post the pictures immediately to their Facebook profiles. Shoppers can photograph themselves as they try on clothes and ask their Facebook friends for advice about which garments they should buy, or they can publish photos to show off all the new clothes they are buying.

Shoppers connect to Facebook via Facebook Connect, using a touch screen monitor on the installation. They then have the opportunity to photograph themselves in Diesel clothes and publish their photos immediately to Facebook. The photos come complete with a Diesel logo in the corner, so it’s great advertising for the company, not to mention tons of fun for shoppers.

Facebook Connect has given third party websites the opportunity to connect with users through Facebook, but Diesel is taking it to a new level. The Diesel Cam gives live users the opportunity to enter social media directly from their stores. What a great idea, allowing all your friends to help you to decide on what looks good on you.

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