Sunday, April 27, 2008

World Most Worthless Currency

Do you know that we can be instant millionaire by just trading off some of our pocket change dollars. Check out the exchange rate below for the most worthless currency.

- 10 million Zimbabwean dollar now valued below $4 on the black market

- 500,000-dong note. U.S. value: $31.37

- 100,000-rupiah note. U.S. value: $11.05

- 50,000-rial note. U.S. value: $5.35

- 10,000-franc note. U.S. value: $2.33

- 50,000-dobra note. U.S. value: $3.47


Anonymous said...

dude they are not worthless, u can buy some candies with it.

Anonymous said...

And on 2 Feb 2009, Zimbabwe revalued the new ZWD to be equal to 1 trillion old ZWD.

Anonymous said...

Zimbabwe can't just raise the value of there dollars, that would make there money worth 4000X more than USD, so either you made that up or your just guilble

Anonymous said...

"Zimbabwe can't just raise the value of there dollars, that would make there money worth 4000X more than USD, so either you made that up or your just guilble"

or maybe you dont understand how currency revaluation works.

Unknown said...

They can raise the value, but then they would have to print less for it to work. That's basicly inflation; er exactly inflation. The more of something there is, the less it's worth. If they just started printing more money, there would be more in circulation, and stuff would cost more.

Likely, this money is worthless because they print a new kind of money. Zimbabwe is one of those African countries that sees a successful revolution about every couple of years, is it not?

Anonymous said...

Dude, the indonesian standard for money is 1000. So there's no difference if the government wants to simply make it 1 or 1000. So in other words 100 = 12ish

Anonymous said...

Oh. I just remembered, 1 USD used to be 2000 rupiah (or 2 rupiah) before the asian financial crisis. They didn't have the 50thou or the 100thou until like the 21st century

Anonymous said...

they can revalue their dollar, many countries have done it before to help suppress inflation. for example, they may create a new dollar that goes by a different name but is worth a certain amount of the older currency. Example, say all we had in america were 1 dollar bills and bread cost 100 dollars due to a massive inflation. The government could say "hey, lets create something called a 50 dollar bill that is worth 50 1 dollar bills in order to reduce the amount of currency in circulation". I believe that it was in Germany after WWI where the inflation was so bad that it was cheaper to burn money than to buy wood and burn that so this creation of a new currency set the country back in equlibrium. They do not cheat the system, they simply make money exchange reasonable--you dont want to have to bring a wheelbarrow in place of a wallet to carry your money.

Unknown said...

If a country revalue their money would the old money be worthless? or will the old money be valued a the revalue price?