Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Talk all you want for $9.95 on Skype

Skype new unlimited calling plan will allow you to make unlimited calls to land-line and mobile phones in 34 countries for only $9.95 per month. The countries include most of Europe, plus Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Malaysia.

I will be signing up later to check out the quality of the unlimited service. For $9.95 month, its probably the cheapest offer around and its definitely a value for money provided if the calls are of reasonable quality.
I wonder when will calls be free as the rates had been tumbling since the introduction of VOIP in 1997. Perhaps with some ingenious advertising, maybe we will be able to talk all we want for nothing in the nearest future.


Anonymous said...

Good news.

Babie Barung said...

Alvin, I sometimes wonder if there's wifi citywide, and everyone carrying a wifi-enabled mobile device, and there's Skype. Perhaps we will be talking for FREE; we only need to pay the telecom company the fee to access wifi, but imagine, if we all hide inside Starbucks......

Will there be such a day?

By the way, I had a hard time searching back your posted item on Facebook, the Chinglish humour "Life pull the out soy sauce" which I wanna share with a friend ;P

Alvin Foo said...

Many metropolitans had been talking about city wide wifi for a while now as its the most ideal connected environment. Singapore and Taiwan had already initiated the project of wiring up capital to provide wide area network ie, allowing users to stay connected wherever they are within the city. Perhaps with the network in place, we may be looking at a situation where calls will be free provided if connection over the network is free as well.

At 9.95, calls are as good as near free. Its like $0.30 a day to make unlimited calls. You never know maybe at some point we will get money for making calls, haha. . This is the link to the chinglish site.

Anonymous said...

The introduction of these new call plans from Skype should prove beneficial for the internet telephony / VoIP sector generally. Anything that helps to bring internet telephone calling further into the mainstream is very welcome.

May we mention that there are other options in the market that allow you to make unlimited calls for a flat rate such as Vonage. There are some significant differences between the services that Vonage and Skype provide that should be taken into consideration by anyone looking to make internet calls.

Firstly, call quality is a major advantage of using Vonage, our call quality is comparable with a regular landline service. Secondly, with Skype you have traditionally needed 1) your PC to be switched on to be able to make and receive calls, with Vonage you have never been reliant on your PC being switched on and 2) a headset or USB phone to be able to make internet phone calls, with Vonage you just plug in your existing home phone. Using your existing touch tone phone gives users the freedom to make unlimited calls in the way you want while you walk around your home or office.

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