Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No Wonder so many are heading Russia to look for Brides

Dove’s Evolution ad is one of the most viral internet videos of all time. It’s been parodied again and this time using a Russian mail order bride theme.

In the original Dove ads, an ordinary-looking woman goes through a time-lapse photo-retouching session which ends in her looking like she could be featured in a fashion magazine spread.

The parody features a gorgeous Russian mail order bride, but instead of her digitally re-touched, the background is.

The ad aims to get the message across that some people—like Russian mail order brides—don’t need any fixing up; they’re so absolutely stunning, that it’s their surroundings that need to be spruced up in order to accommodate her.

For the original Dove commercial, please click on this link.

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Anonymous said...

That is a hot bride. Lovely. Although I didn't like her smile a lot. But I am digging her eyes :)