Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nokia confirms 'iPhone killer' handset

Nokia has confirmed that it’s developing a touchscreen-equipped handset to take on the Apple iPhone codenamed 'Tube', and has shown off pictures of the upcoming phone to drooling onlookers. It supports Java something which the iPhone doesn’t yet officially support - and will allow photos to be uploaded to the web.

It has a pretty respectable list of features, starting with a great resolution touch screen, large screen, comes with a decent auto focus camera better than the iPhone but not as good as the regular Nseries devices.

It has a built in GPS and will support geo-tagging. All of this impressive features packed into a small and compact body similar to N81.

I m not sure whether its really an iPhone killer yet not until i have a test unit with me. I will provide another review once i have test drive it.


Anonymous said...

2008 is promised to be an excellent year for mobile devices: with a lot of announcements, releases, breaking competitive edges etc.

PDA is smartphone? said...

Iphone's GPS still impresive one... See the the review at