Saturday, March 22, 2008

I m in love with Shanghai

I have lived and travelled to Shanghai for more than 7 years and I m still pretty much in love with this city. The amount of growth and development is far greater than anywhere in the world. The skyline had changed so rapidly that even the skyline of Manhattan dwarfed that of Shanghai.

Skyline of Pudong at night

The tallest building in the picture is reputed to be the world tallest building for now. Next to the tallest building is the Grand Hyatt Hotel otherwise known as "JingMao."

The famous Bund at night


Anonymous said...

Very nice photos.

The city has been under great development but is becoming more and more polluted... It is very hard to find the blue sky as it had before.

I liked Shanghai more 10 years ago, than I do now.

Anonymous said...

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Charles Edward Frith said...

Great shots. Its always nice to hear people love their city. Shanghai is quite awesome.