Thursday, November 15, 2007

iPhone coming to China

China Mobile is in talks with Apple to sell the iPhone in China, the company's CEO said on Tuesday. But China Mobile isnt keen on the type of revenue-sharing model that Apple has insisted on elsewhere in the world. Not sure how the deal with be cut eventually as China Mobile has extensive bargaining power. I dont reckon Steve Jobs would want to pass on a deal with China Mobile afterall it is the world's largest mobile operator, boasting almost 350 million subscribers at the end of September.

But Apple would also need to be careful having signed exclusive deals with operators to sell its iPhone, including O2 in the U.K. and AT&T in the U.S. As part of the deal, Apple requires the operators to pay it a portion of their iPhone subscriber revenue. I m sure they will have some comments if Apple just ended up selling devices in China.

Whatever the arrangements maybe, I m confident iPhone will hit the market big time in China and I dont see how it wont do well. Most of the people that i know in China cant wait to get their hands on one. I can only keep my fingers cross and hope that it will be made available in China soon.

Source : IDG

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